Thrifting has taught me how to take risks.

It’s all about the florals this season.

Thrift shops are ruining my bank account.

So Kroger (our favorite supermarket) has this new thing were you can load coupons from online onto your plus card. It’s really fun to watch the prices drop as the cashier is scanning your card.

Also, we bought some Garnier Fructis shampoo/conditioner for $1.

TIP for Coffee Lovers!

If you’re a coffee-aholic like I am then I bet we can all agree that sometimes our coffee obsession can break the bank! So recently I’ve signed up for various ‘member rewards’ programs with my fav coffee shops and it’s seriously helped me so much (who doesn’t like FREE coffee)!! 

Also, check out McDonalds ‘McCafe’ brand, full of iced coffees, lattes and much more!

The best thing about thrifting? You don’t feel bad about throwing/giving away those clothes because you only paid $4 for them!

Signed up for Red Lobster’s email list and they gave us a free appetizer!!

Sign Up Here

We just found out that IKEA serves breakfast. All of this for $3.10~~

This shirt was super cute, it was tagged blue for 50% off and on top of that we had another 50% coupon, making it 40¢!! But sadly we had to pass on it :(

End of summer sale at Payless! Sandals were on sale for $10, and with a 40% coupon they came out to $6.36. Remember, before you check out the sales to check out the coupons :D